Что такое asurion iphone
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Что такое asurion iphone

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Не знаешь, что такое Asurion?��

Не знаешь, что такое Asurion?�� Вот тебе ответы на частые вопросы�� ��Что значит iPhone от страх…

Не знаешь, что такое Asurion?�� Вот тебе ответы на частые вопросы�� ��Что значит iPhone от страховой компании «ASURION»? Данные телефоны привезены из Америки. Asurion — страховая компания одного из сотовых операторов США Verizon. Verizon является давним партнером Apple. Телефоны были выставочными на презентации в Америке. Внутри все родное и оригинальное. Следов вмешательства нет. Мы каждый раз проверяем несколько телефонов, вскрываем и проверяем. ��Действительно ли iPhone от страховой компании ASURION работает с SIM-картами любых операторов по всему миру? iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus и iPhone SE, iPhone 7 работают с картами nano-SIM совместимых операторов связи. iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus и iPhone SE, iPhone 7 работают во всех сетях LTE по всему миру. Дополнительную информацию можно получить у операторов связи. ��Есть в наличии ? Или нужно заказывать? Нужна ли какая-то предоплата? У нас в постоянном наличии практически весь модельный ряд смартфонов компании Apple различных цветов и объёмов памяти. Но если нужной тебе модели нет в наличии , ожидание займёт всего лишь 1-2 дня. Никаких предоплат и «скользких схем» . Оплата производится в наших магазинах только после вскрытия коробки,полной проверки и настройки телефона при тебе �� Можно ли купить iPhone в рассрочку? Конечно, можно. Выбор подходящего срока рассрочки — от 6 до 36 месяцев. Необходим только паспорт. ��Можно ли обменять свой старый iPhone на новый? Безусловно. Trade-IN — программа выгодного и удобного обмена техники Apple на новую. Вы можете обменять свою старую технику Apple на новую , с доплатой или без. Теперь ты знаешь немного больше о Asurion☺ ✍��Если все же остались вопросы, то пиши нам в Direct

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Protecting Your Devices: Applecare Vs. Asurion

iPhone are fantastic. But they’ve gotten a little expensive steadily increasing price each year. The original iPhone started at $499. Now the “budget-friendly” iPhone 11 has a starting price of $699. This is just the beginning. Getting them repaired is where your wallet will really suffer.

The average price of a new screen is over $200 while even minor issues like replacing the lightning port cost $50 or more. So it makes sense to spend a little extra to get some protection for your investment. You have a few options, but two of the most popular are AppleCare and Asurion.

This guide breaks down the differences between AppleCare vs. Asurion to help you decide the best choice for you.

AppleCare Vs. Asurion

Let’s begin with a quick description of each service:

AppleCare: Apple’s Warranty Service


All new Apple products are covered by a basic level of AppleCare. Usually, this only means manufacturer issues that arise within the first year buying an Apple product. It’s really not much coverage so people opt for AppleCare Plus or AppleCare Plus Theft and Loss Protection instead.

AppleCare Plus for iPhones extends coverage to 2 years. It also includes accidental damage among other issues.

Finally, AppleCare Plus Theft and Loss goes further providing coverage if your phone is lost or stolen.

AppleCare Costs and Deductible

Broken phone

AppleCare Plus starts at $149.99 with Theft/Loss for an additional $50. Apple does give the option to pay with installments for $8.33 per month over 24 months.

You are allowed to file two claims during the 24 month coverage period. However, repairs and replacements are not free. You have to pay these deductibles:

  • Screen Damage: $29.00
  • Other accidental damage: $99
  • Theft or Loss: starting from $199 (with Theft/Loss Plan).
  • Malfunction: free if a manufacturing defect

Asurion iPhone Insurance


Asurion provides full coverage for loss, theft, damage (including water damage and broken screens), and malfunction. Unlike AppleCare, you can’t purchase Asurion directly. You purchase it through your phone carrier.

Asurion is available on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon under their Mobile Protection Plan, Complete, and Total Mobile plans respectively. Other iPhone retailers do offer it as well including Boost Mobile and WalMart.

Asurion Costs and Deductible

The cost of Asurion plans depends on your carrier. Sprint plans start as little as $9 per month while Verizon and AT&T start at $14 for similar coverage to AppleCare.

Likewise, deductibles also vary according to your carrier and coverage. However, they are similar to AppleCare prices:

  • Screen Damage: $29.00
  • Battery Replacement: $0
  • Total Replacement: $200

The most interesting element is the free battery replacement from Asurion. This is only something Asurion seems to offer and is a great value for older phones. Before deciding, however, check your specific phone model and carrier to see the exact prices for you’d have to pay.

AppleCare vs. Asurion: Who Has Better Service?

Customer Service

Both Apple and Asurion offer outstanding service. With Asurion, you can easily file a claim online and receive a replacement phone within 24 hours.

Apple offers a similar service except you can also take your iPhone to an Apple Store and get repairs onsite. This may be convenient, but Apple Store repair can take weeks so you may better just sending your phone in. Either way, you are getting parts and service directly from Apple so you know it’s the highest quality available.

The best form of service is available through the Verizon Asurion program. You have all the above-option or a repair technician can visit your home/office to fix your iPhone on the spot. That level of convenience may be worth a few extra dollars per month to you.

AppleCare vs. Asurion: Disadvantages

AppleCare has gotten much better over the last few years. It now covers water damage and is more affordable than it used to be. Overall, there really are no downsides to AppleCare. This is particularly true if you’ve decided to pay off your monthly through Apple financing.

Asurion offers great coverage and you can easily wrap it into your phone service to make paying for it and using it simple. The one downside, however, is that it locks you into long term plans with your phone company.

AppleCare now covers your no matter where you are in the world. If you lose your phone or it’s damaged, you can send it to the nearest Apple certified repair center in your region.

This level of protection may not apply for domestic Asurion plans. Not only that, if you want to switch carriers, you’ll lose your insurance coverage. It doesn’t make sense unless you’ve received a free or discounted phone from carrier and plan on staying with them for the foreseeable future.

The Bottom Line: AppleCare vs. Asurion

Smartphone User

Regardless of whether you choose AppleCare, Asurion, or any other insurance provider, you do need some form of coverage. Both AppleCare and Asurion are great options that make it easy for you to replace and repair your iPhone.

Ultimately, AppleCare edges out Asurion for being cheaper per month and more flexible with coverage. Don’t wait any longer. You have 60 days within the purchase of a new iPhone to buy AppleCare. And, you can do it directly from your iPhone so be sure to enroll soon

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Learn more about iPhones, trade-in programs, and upgrades on the Buyback Boss Blog. Start out with our ultimate guide to switching phones. It has everything you need to make your smartphone transition a breeze. Check it out now!

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